Join Dave Stech 

and his private lending team

Investment: $7,900 for you and an approved guest 
(spouse, adult son/daughter, or business partner)

Join Us and You'll learn how to:

  • Mitigate or eliminate your risk in the safest position in a real estate transaction
  • Find borrowers and deals
  • Work correctly with escrow to secure the proper position on title
  • Price your money competitively so you can win more deals without leaving money on the table
  • Broker loans to other lenders who use their money
  • Make money by raising other people’s money i.e. make money on yours AND theirs
  • Vet the a) market, b) borrower, and c) property in more detail than you’re imagining right now with proven blueprints that are easy to follow
  • Find and vet opportunities to invest passively in others’ private lending and flipping funds
  • Take your financial life (and that of your families) to the next level
  • Leverage new technology that is disrupting the real estate and lending industry that you MUST be aware of
  • Use our escrow documents & tools that you take home for your own use
  • Find out why OUR unfair competitive advantage is now YOUR unfair competitive advantage

Investment: $7,900 for you and an approved guest
(spouse, adult son/daughter, or business partner)

Here’s what people are saying about Just Be The Bank:

Cooper Callaway

Real Estate Investor 

"This is the most precise, in-depth analysis of how to actually vet a deal, vet a borrower, fund your deals correctly so you can run your own private lending business if you want to. I would recommend their events to everyone lucky enough to attend."

Randy Cline

Private Lender and Fund Manager

"Private lending has been a life changer and a game changer for my family. The training we received at Just Be The Bank has taken our business to the next level. Our experience has been invaluable."

Bill Hyman

Dentist and Private Lender

"What I’ve learned at Just Be The Bank is allowing me to build a legacy for my children and become a passive-active investor. Dave’s the man, he’s been there and done it, and that gives me the confidence to take the next step in my real estate investing. "

Why We Started Just Be The Bank...

We created Just Be The Bank to give others access to the knowledge that permanently transformed our own legacy: how to start and scale a private lending business.

After building one of the most successful private hard money practices in the country with thousands of loans under our belts, we noticed that it wasn’t easy for others to follow our lead. More people deserved to learn the strategies and processes necessary to mitigate risk and grow passive returns in real estate. We packaged our learnings and offer them in exclusive weekend workshops to qualified individuals and families. And given the current health crisis, we’re now delivering our workshop virtually!


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Just Be The Bank

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Investment: $7,900 for you and an approved guest (adult son/daughter or business partner)

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