Dave Stech is a real estate and tech angel investor who believes TIMING is the single most important word in investing. And in life. 

Dave gets the timing right through research (his unfair competitive advantage), which he’s used to successfully get in and out of real estate at the perfect time during each of the last 4 market shifts. He now shares that same research every quarter in the form of his free housing market update webinars. 

Dave’s second core belief is in the power of ACCESS. In Q3 2020, Dave launched AVF, a private equity venture capital fund for the 99% of investors who lack the one thing they really need as a private equity investor: access to fully-vetted, high-upside deal flow they simply can’t get on their own. That fund has quadrupled in value in its first 6 months.

Beyond his own real estate and tech investments, Dave provides private capital to his network of high-volume house flippers, and teaches that same strategy to already-successful people who want to add a zero to their incomes and net worth. 

Dave heads up Stech Family Office with his two sons, Josh and Blake. They attracted over $80 million dollars in 2020 for their own operating companies and investment funds in real estate, private lending, and early stage venture technology. Six billionaires are currently co-investors with them. 

Bottom line: Dave and the Stech Family Office has cracked the code to make money and not lose it.

Dave focuses on Three Pillars to educate and impact those following his lead:

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Listen to Dave Stech present a market update. It’s worth your time!

Listeners from across the globe followed Dave’s guidance through the pandemic and can attest that the level of research and detail laid out during Dave’s State of the Union presentations is simply unparalleled.  That’s all we can show you for now :)